Payday advances up to $1000 Overnight - Apply today for cash tomorrow.

Quick payday advances from $100 to $1,000.  We wire a payday advance into your bank account next business day.  Easy to apply and get approved. 

Need cash until your payday?  We can help.  It's easy as 1 2 3:

1.  Fill-out the simple application

2.  Submit the application by simply pressing the submit application button

3.  No Fax - Faxless

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What do payday advances mean to you?

BulletNo NSF fines and penalties

BulletThe money you need overnight

BulletNo credit checks or lengthy applications

BulletNo embarrassing trips to the pawn shop


$20 Bills

This procedure is pretty easy.  Just fill out the application form and submit.  Secure Loan Processing express processes these applications.  A customer care representative will contact you to verify your bank account information.  We don't want your money going into someone else's account so we have to be super careful about routing numbers and account numbers.  Unlike most other lenders, we will accept savings and checking accounts.  Sorry no military or military families or spouses. 

We've been in business since 1999.  We help people everyday.  NSF charges are from $25 to $45 now.  Banks and credit unions won't loan small amounts (Less than $5,000).  This industry has a bad name because of the bank lobbies.  NSF's are a billion dollar a year profit center for the bank and credit unions.  Call your bank sometime and ask them to extend your payoff date for a couple of days.  Ha!  We do that daily.  We understand that customer services if the heart of this business and we try to have the best customer service anywhere.  Thanks for coming to our website and we hope the information here has helped you with your short term loan needs.



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